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Updating vb window from a c program

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Second, you could simply invoke the operation from the background thread to the UI thread with a delegate using the Invoke Required property of the label control. You can call that Update Status() method from any thread (UI or background), and it will detect whether or not it needs to invoke the operation on the main UI thread (and if so, does it). Using installers results in files hundreds of megabytes long with bandwidth bills to match.Some of these calls are made in the constructor of a Table Class class, which handles the creation of several dozen data classes one at a time, as directed in some code I’ve commented out. I can verify at any breakpoint that the values of the Progress Bar and Loading Text Box are updated exactly as I directed them to be. When wy Update is in standalone mode all you have to do is include the wy Update executable with your application. Use wy Update as a silent updater whether you've written your app in C, C , Delphi, Java, or any other language.This has been used to great success by both developers looking for a simple drop-in solution & web designers looking for an easy way to distribute new versions of their works to their clients. When you use the free Automatic Updater control your updates are downloaded, extracted, and patched in the background.I’ve run across a VB threading and WPF display problem that has me baffled. I'm new to threading (as well as to Stack Overflow), but the thing is that my code executes exactly as expected; the problem is that the WPF controls it affects aren’t updated right.

wy Update can work in either standalone mode or fully integrated automatic update mode.

To clarify it need to work on Windows 7, I'm also writing the program in . Please let me know if you need any more information!

Thanx in advance :) An example of programming-related question is "how can I execute an external program by relying on the programming language X? You are asking how to interact with Windows; typing the command manually or writing it inside an application does not really matter.

The following procedures show some code for performing a programmatic update and also describe how to configure your Click Once deployment to enable programmatic update checks.

In order to update a Click Once application programmatically, you must specify a location for updates.