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“I would put on Muddy Waters and if they got into the car and asked, ‘What the hell is this?’ I’d think to myself, ‘Well this isn’t going to work out.’ ” For the millennial generation, knowing the music of the great blues pioneer would be exceptional since radio playlists and electronic-based pop music have made discovering traditional guitar-driven blues a needle-in-the-haystack endeavor.We also find that an anti-shock walking pole oftimes makes a handy third leg!We include GPS data for those who enjoy the benefits of satellite navigation.It is believed that many more remains still lie in this remarkable chamber called Dinaledi (‘stars’ in the local Sesotho language).The chamber was apparently previously undiscovered though other caves in the area have been the site of much exploration in the past, and the site of fossils such as Mrs Ples, Taung Child and more recently, .You can get the coordinate of any point on a Bing map by right-clicking and centring the map at that point and then typing javascript:map. (Sounds complicated but takes seconds.) The walks are listed alphabetically and as a short excerpts.

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Perhaps in an effort to guard against the type of ‘brushing off’ that his announcement of They reported the find to Berger who, due to the narrow entrance to the cave, advertised on Facebook for skinny scientists to go and investigate the finds.

We also offer access to Google-Maps showing satellite views of the walks.

Recently Bing Maps offers OS maps which, unlike Google, have footpaths marked.

from which to understand and refute claims regarding an evolutionary view of human origins.

Professor Lee Berger from the University of Witwatersrand, palaeoanthropologist and leader of the team that researched the find at the so-called ‘Cradle of Humankind’ is a ‘celebrity’ scientist who knows well how to extract maximum publicity, something even the evolutionary sympathetic media acknowledge.