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You have your head in the right place and want to do the best thing for your financial future.

You’re supposed to take advantage of your 401(k) match.

Here’s how we recommend choosing your 401(k) investments—without the stress.

If you’re new to investing, don’t have a lot of time or interest in doing it yourself, or simply want a one-click easy decision to ‘set it and forget it’ for your current 401(k), then you’ll probably do best with a target-date fund.

(And, unless she’s an expert, you probably don’t want her to.) People ask us all the time: “What investments should I have in my 401(k)? But unique doesn’t have to mean complicated or time-consuming.

Explanatory brochures are available upon request or at org.

Year to date (YTD) refers to the period beginning the first day of the current calendar or fiscal year up to the current date.

YTD information is useful for analyzing business trends or comparing performance data, and the acronym often modifies concepts such as investment returns, earnings and net pay.

But capitalism, or should I say finance-based capitalism, requires more return in order to be profitable for its savers/investors.

The next step, for individuals and institutions alike, might be a 6-month CD or a 90-day Treasury bill where yields suddenly approach 1% (at least in the U. In Euroland and Japan they are negative but that’s another story).