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Check out this photo below of the installation of a wood pipe in 1910, courtesy of Denver Water. 3.) Old pipes dating back to 1881 are still in use Just because a pipe is old doesn't mean it needs to be replaced.

Denver's earliest pipes still in use — made from cast iron — don't need to be replaced yet, and likely won't any time soon.

At midnight, Heggs sees the old organ begin to play by itself.

There are a few other mysterious happenings, including Luther's discovery of a secret staircase to the organ loft, hidden behind a sliding bookshelf, and a pair of gardener's shears in the throat of a painting of Mrs. His eerie story gets the town abuzz and causes a delay in the plans of Nicholas Simmons (Philip Ober), nephew of the deceased couple, who intends to demolish the mansion.

When purchased, the municipal organization became known as Denver Water, however the organization still maintains pipes laid all the way back to 1881.

That's right — water flowing through the city still gushes through original pipe laid in the infancy of Colorado's statehood.

Although periodically, they will need repairing, they are anticipated to survive for hundreds of years.

One night, observing what he believes to be a murder outside of an old, supposedly haunted house known as the Simmons Mansion, Heggs rushes to the police station with his scoop.

To consider the functional role of clay pipes, it is necessary to challenge the twin assumptions that clay pipe fragments in the archaeological record automatically represent use-related discard and that clay pipes were used solely for the consumption of tobacco.

By doing this, it is possible to link practice in the present (the study of clay pipes) with meaningful practice in the past (smoking and the consumption of tobacco).

Unfortunately, as he relates the details of his story to the Chief of Police, the murder "victim" walks into the room, a local drunk who had merely been knocked unconscious by his irate wife, who had brought him in to be jailed.

The next morning, Heggs walks downstairs to the dining room at the Natalie Miller boarding house and overhears Ollie Weaver (Skip Homeier), a full-time reporter at the newspaper, mocking Luther's mistakes of the night before.