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Accommodating bipolar disorder in the workplace

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It may seem like an easy decision to fire an employee who is disruptive at work, shows up late or not at all, and keeps coworkers on edge all the time.

It’s also an easy decision for an employer to go to great lengths to hold on to an employee who is talented, creative, passionate, and productive.

Usually these episodes are  separated by "normal" moods.So how should employers handle employees who are both troublesome and valuable?That’s the dilemma posed by some employees with bipolar disorder, a condition characterized by moods that go from extremely good to exceptionally bad.Reasonable accommodations for bipolar disorder may include altered or shortened working hours, being moved to a quieter area, time off (paid or unpaid) without being fired for ​an extended absence, change to a less-stressful job, modifications to job responsibilities, and so on.For example, a person going through benzodiazepine withdrawal may suffer severe symptoms over a period of weeks or months.You may also put your employer on notice that you may need an accommodation in the future.