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The 2017 update to the preferences page of Firefox will change things around fundamentally, but won’t remove any options from the preferences (not that I’m aware of). Things may change along the way, Mozilla may move preferences around, create a new category, or make other changes that are not reflected here right now.

8th new world luminescence dating workshop

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Symposium 3.2 of the 34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane, Australia, Co-convenor and speaker, with Jan Harff (Leibnitz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde, Germany and University of Szczecin, Poland), and Fritz Lüth (German Archaeological Institute, Berlin), 9 August, 2012. 'UNESCO International Scientific Colloquium on Factors Impacting Underwater Cultural Heritage', Brussels.

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The findings will be published in the journal Science tomorrow.Fortunately, there is a lot of freely-available sophisticated software.The choice might be confusing and taking the first step in such a milieu will look daunting.Two current research grants are directed at improving the global datasets for radiocarbon calibration. Over the last 15 years he has worked extensively on the application of Bayesian statistical methods to the study of chronology in both Archaeology and Quaternary environmental research. He has formulated a systematic approach to approaching chronological research, which is embedded in the widely used software package Ox Cal.